Friday, March 04, 2005

A little voice Inside my head said, "Don't look back. You can never look back."

So I'm slowly recovering. Okay, not really, but I did decide to post here since so many of you were concerned. Thank you for letting me know you care, it really is appreciated.

Otherwise, I'm not really sleeping. Even with the sleeping pill it's still taking a while. I'm not eating, and what I do eat comes back up when I go into hysterics. Which is a shame since I had some lovely Focaccia bread from The Metropolitan Bakery And it was half price and a day old....which makes it even better.

I haven't been knitting much. I picked up some more skeins of Plymouth Encore 355 for Tatania. Hopefully I'll be able to finish her soon.

The only thing I've really knit up since this whole fiasco happened has been an Ipod case with a skull and bone motif for Lawrence in school. $10 was what I charged, which promptly got spent at lunch today.

On what, you ask? Well, I've discovered that the Knit With knitting store is within walking distance during lunch time constraints (50 minutes, give or take). And the Tangled Web doesn't have Swallow Caesin needles. So...I splurged. Size 8 Swallow needles. And they're all mine!

The store itself was pretty cool. Small, and brimming with yarn in brands I've never even heard of...which is a nice alternative to all the Lana Grossa, Lamb's Pride, Debbie Bliss and so on and so forth that every other shop carries.

I've also been looking into learning how to spin. Does anyone who reads this have any tips? On how to get started? Or anything really on the subject? I'm clueless. I just know that I can get 100 lbs of wool free from Erdenheim Farms come springtime, and I really don't want that to go to waste. Especially since, well, it's free. If anyone wants some, let me know and I'll see if I can hook you up.

Of course, that still doesn't forgive the fact that.... I want sheep. So I'm a dork. Sue me.

I'm going to go. Maybe I'll work on something this weekend. Maybe not. More likely whatever I make won't be for myself or any of my current projects. I may focus on the business stock, because I need to feel detached for a while still. But rest assured, I am still alive, despite feeling horrible.

When does the hurt stop? And, more importantly, when do the hysterics stop? And even more importantly....when do I get my free wool?


Blogger Stacy said...

Hey you! I've got some answers to the questions you had at the end of your blog.
The free yarn comes after the snow goes away.
The hurting will eventually stop, and become a memory, remindng us how powerful a thing love really is.
The hysterics stop when you realize, that you are likely powerless to stop the train wreck, and find time to be thankful for the fact, that you are loved by many who know you, and some that don't, that you love yourself more than someone else will EVER love you, AND that you have the ability to love someone so much that it does hurt.

Oh yeah.... keep watching your mail as there will be part one of a tag that I promised to make you, that could use your creative opinion.

Happiness is found along the way. Not at the end of the Road.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Kalani said...

Love the Don Henley quote. Spinning gets you free yarn (sorta), and thus there are some spinning videos online at

1:45 AM  

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