Friday, February 25, 2005

On the Needles: Swallowtail

So, it's been a long week, knitting wise.

I started work on the back of the Grim Reaper, finally. It's proving to be mindless knitting, which is good for the commute to and from school, as well as during classes. I don't think I'd be able to get through the day if it weren't for the knitting, although it sure is almost more expensive than a drug abuse habit. Heh. Maybe I'll take up crack.

On Tuesday, the pattern mom ordered from Needle Beetle arrived. It's the Swallowtail Shawl, which is absolutely gorgeous. I was so eager to begin it, and then, upon opening the package, I found out something horrific.

The entire pattern is a chart. I hate charts. Not because I'm mildly dyslexic, but because I'm a visual/verbal person. I prefer to have things written out. It's how I work best. (there, does that qualify as my senior learning styles analysis? I'm sure this joke is only funny to those of you who attend Crefeld, or a similar school that uses graduation by exhibition.)

Not only that, but they wanted me to use circular needles. Probably because of the size. I love DPN's, but lord(s)(esses) on high, I HATE HATE HATE circular needles. They are the bane of my existence. Sure, I can put up with them for a little while for, say, a hat. But otherwise, give me some cold, hard, inflexible steel...err...aluminium.

So, after some intial chart reading issues, and one round of playing Frogger (that is to say, I had to rip out 45 rows of intricate lacework that looked semi-decent but just wasn't right....) Had this not been a gift for one of my mother's friends, I would have left the erroneous rows and freestyled the rest of the shawl. Alas, it was not meant to be. I will learn to follow a pattern yet, if it kills me. I always did have problems with authority.

Anyway, I'm back up to row 20, and for you fine folks who can't stand to read an entry without a picture, here:

In other news, local boy Jay McCarroll won on the tv-show that I am absolutely addicted to: Project Runway . I so adore the show, mostly because the studio, the budget, and the challenges are an amateur fashion designer's wet dream, so to speak.

I'm torn, again, between what I want to do. Fashion design, or dance??? Both? Which do I go to college for? Obviously Dance. Although I'd love to take a couple courses in basic elements of fashion....of course, it's not going to happen. Financially, it's just out of the question. Just like dance classes outside of school at the moment.

So, I haven't started the Stitch and Bitch Nation newsboy cap yet. I still haven't gotten out of the house to a decent craft store (not Wal-Mart). Apparently a freakin size 8 set of double pointed needles is too much to ask for from a basic crafts department in WallyWorld. Apparently ANY SET of double pointed needles is too much to ask for. Apparently any circulars in a size other than 29" are too much to ask for. But really, had I expected anything better?

I still need to get up to The Tangled Web again. I really want to finish Tatania. Because I think she'll look gorgoeus. Stunning. Amazing. If only I actually had enough yarn to complete her. Out of all the LYS's in the area, only The Tangled Web carries that specific color of Plymouth Encore. Just my luck, really. It's so close to school, and yet just far enough that i can't walk there during lunch. So close, yet so far.

I slept soundly for the first time without a sleeping in a long time last night, and although it was still uneasy and shaky, it was far better than it used to be. Maybe things are getting better.


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